Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My First Yumvelope -- Oct. 2013

Today I got my first Yumvelope https://www.yumvelope.com/ ,this is a monthly shipment sending out 6 or more full sized all-natural products from little-known food manufacturers around the country.
I really enjoyed my Yumvelope. Here is what I got in my first box and my first impressions.

$6.50 12oz bag
First Impressions – I received Apple Crisp in my Yumvelope and unfortunately I am allergic to nuts and the apple crisp contains almonds so I was unable to try it. However, my husband and son both tried it and gave it a high thumbs up. They really liked it.

Single Flavor Eight Piece box is $7.00
First Impressions – I received Bergamot & Chocolate Chip individually wrapped shortbread cookies and it contained two cookies. So the cost is around $2. I didn’t really like this cookie. It didn’t really taste like a shortbread cookie or a chocolate chip cookie. My son tried it and like it though. So it comes down to individual tastes definitely.

Eco Teas  - Rooibos Chai http://www.yerbamate.com/
Box of 24 tea bags is $5.49
First Impressions – I am typically not a tea drinker. However, I love chai tea and since this is a chai tea and smells heavenly I can definitely see myself drinking this. I am excited to try it out.  Stay tuned to my blog for further reviews on this product.

3oz jar Grill honey $5.50
First Impression – We are huge grillers at our house and I can’t wait to use this product, stay tuned to further reviews on this product.

Sun Cups –Nut Free – Gluten Free  http://suncups.com/
(1)    Milk Chocolate (1) Mint Chocolate (1) Caramel Chocolate  $0.75 each
First Impression – Like I mentioned I am allergic to nuts and any product I can eat where I don’t have to worry about my allergies and I can just enjoy the food especially I love it.  It’s so wonderful to find products now that or dedicated to being allergy sensitive. BTW – they were delicious!!!

**Overall –I really enjoyed my Yumvelope the monthly cost to have this delivered is $21.00 and the cost of the products in the box was over that ($21.74 to be exact). I will be continuing my subscription for now. Stay tuned for further reviews and vlogs.

Check out the unboxing on my Youtube channel:

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Glossybox Sept. 2013

I received my first Glossybox this month.

  Although my Sept. 2013 Glossybox came on Oct. 5th and I knew everything that was in the box. I still enjoyed opening it and going through my exciting products. So here is my thoughts now that I have had a chance to paw through them myself. The great part were the full size products in the box.
   Bon Genre Eau De Parfum Spray travel spray has a nice citrus undertone with a floral smell that I really enjoy. I think this would be a great night on the town scent more then a day wear scent.(Price point -- 1.7 fl. oz. $55.00)
   Oceane Make Up Remover I didn't really try this product out. I'm a little worried about putting this product close to my eye. So the jury is still out on this one.(Price Point -- $3.99)
   Emite Makeup Professional Eyelash Curler I was thrilled to get this eyelash curler, my current eyelash curler gave up the ghost and fell apart just days before and I am a die hard daily lash curler. This is a well put together device, that I believe will last a long time. (Price point -- $31.07)
   Nioxin Diamax is a wonderful product. I have thick hair, but because I color my hair my ends are dry and break I use this product mid-length to the ends of my hair.
   Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Onxy Eyeliner Pen I cannot give a review on this product as I did not open it. I have several eyeliners pens that I use and therefore didn't want to open another one. But stay tuned when and if I open it I will review it.


This being my first Glossybox I have to say I really enjoyed it and can't wait until next months. Until I can say I hate it I will continue to subscribe.

 Glossybox monthly subscription $21.00

Monday, September 30, 2013

Eating with allerigies

I don't know about you, but I suffer from food allergies, I am deathly allergic of to tree nuts. Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Pistachios, if it grows on a tree and it's a nut then I am allergic to it. That doesn't, however, include peanuts, because peanuts are a legume. Something that should not be a little known fact. But back to the fact that I am allergic to nuts, when I was younger it was horrible because nobody thought to ask if you were allergic to tree nuts. They barely asked if you were allergic to peanuts.
In today's allergy laden world my allergy to tree nuts isn't so strange, but its still difficult to find foods and treats processed in a plant free from tree nuts.
Frustrated, I did a search to find some foods that most people take for granted, granola. I would love to be able to just have granola. But I can not find granola anywhere except online where it is not processed with other tree nuts.
Thank goodness for the internet because it has made it possible for me to find granola, trail mix and other foods and treats processed and made in safe ways free of tree nuts and other allergens that could make me sick.
I look forward to sharing my findings with you.
Just because I have allergies doesn't mean I can't or don't have the ability to eat right or have the option available to eat right.

click to be taken to the website
check back for a review on their products

click to be taken to the website
check back for a review on their products

Friday, September 27, 2013

What is the most intimidating part of eating healthy?

Proteins ~vs~ Carbs?
Good Fats/Bad Fats/Saturated Fats/Trans Fats (Seriously how many fats are there?)
Salts/Iodized/Sea Salt (REALLY?)
Milk 1%/2%.... wait should we be drinking regular milk?
And just how many meals should I be eating a day?
Should I be eating clean? What does eating clean mean?
Why is Greek Yogurt better for you? And is it really all that better for you?
Vitamins.....Really....which ones?
How often am I supposed to work out really? Not to just obtain health but to actually lose weight?
How important is weight lifting?

Can I just say yes to all the above, everything listed is intimidating. Everything listed is something that should cross your mind if you are venturing into the world of creating a healthy lifestyle.
So as the Beauty/Healthy Novice I am going to attack each and every topic a week at a time and give you the best information I can.
This is a journey to a better life. Wish me luck, and join me.
Here is my goal, it will be listed in the bar to the left as well as my progress. 
My goal is this:
My first goal: 

Lose 50lbs
Cardio 3x's a week
Weight lifting 2x a week
Goal date: last week Jan 2014

Are there questions that you have that I didn't ask? Let me know and I will add them to the list, let me do the research.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Couple mini reviews

Okay so while I am busy...well my face is busy reviewing Smashboxes primer. I wanted to do some mini-reviews on a couple of products I am found this week.
These might be old hat to some of you but they are new to me and I love them both. So here you are.
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This is a wonderful and refreshing tasting addition to your water. After giving up Diet Coke this week I searched for something to add flavor to my water and with MiO you can add a little or a lot. My favorite at the moment is Mango Peach. Great tasting and so re-freshening.
Price comes in lower then most other water enhancers on the market currently at $3.49

And next was a surprise
find for me I went into Ulta on Saturday bought a couple of things. I totally need to start doing hauls. Anyway I bought a great new makeup back for only $9.99 and it came stuffed with great Ulta products.
And within that bag was a mascara, and for giggles I thought I would try said mascara today. And holy cow!!!! It is one of the best mascara's I have ever used, it is in black and thick. It lengths your lashes and just gives them an umph that is beautiful. I have shrimpy and pitiful lashes but this mascara makes them long and beautiful.  So totally out of the blue and free in the Ulta $9.99 makeup bag the Legendary Lengths Mascara by Ulta is a 5 out of 5 star product.

Well I hope you enjoyed my mini-reviews stay tuned for more. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What do you think?

What do you think I should try?
What product would you like me to try? Makeup, health product? workout? clothing line? What do you think would be interesting to see a novice try out.
Let me know by commenting below.
I'm interested to know.

Thanks -- Christie

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's first

So it takes baby steps, I am taking small steps because any leaps could kill me. I'm a big girl. Leaping is just out of the question.
So baby steps....I am giving up my diet coke I think I may be wearing black for several days in mourning. Coke's stock may fall slightly, but it has to be done.
I can still have coffee so its not like the caffeine is being taken away ( yes I am justifying but give me a break). And I know what you are thinking, if this is a baby step you can't wait to see what a big step is going to be.
Stay tuned sweethearts its just the beginning of a strange, bizarre and mishmash maze of a journey. And aren't you lucky you get to watch from the sidelines.
It will be something you won't be able to look away from.

Water is good for you!!!!!